Power of Self-Love

Self-love.  This is one of those topics I wish I had understood and had for myself sooner.

 So many of us look to outer circumstances to fill us up and determine if we have love in our lives. We allow others to validate our worth, chase things and people, allow toxicity to stay into our lives for far too long, and fail to realize that all along we have been worthy.  What we don't recognize is that love resides within us.  It is our heart's natural calling, and in order to recognize and pour out love in the most abundant way, it all starts with you loving yourself.  

We aren't exactly taught about the power of loving ourselves and how crucial it is to living a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life.  You see, when you lack self-love you give people and things the power to determine your worth and in turn your feelings.  As easy as it is for someone to claim to love you and leave you feeling worthy, at the snap of their fingers they could do something that makes you feel unloved and unworthy.  You would spend your precious time searching for validation from someone or something to give you love, when all along you have been worthy.  Someone's inability to love you most definitely does not mean you are not loved or lovable.  You are so worthy of love, healthy relationships, accomplishing your goals, growing, and becoming your best self.  And you must recognize this, because when you don't you settle for things that do not align with taking you higher in life.  

You need to love yourself.  Look at you and how far you have come! There is so much power that comes from loving yourself.  When you have self-love you glow.  What you feel inside reflects out into the world. You will begin to attract higher vibe energies and opportunities towards you.  When you love yourself you can pour out your good vibes without expecting anything in return, but trust that you will have that love reflected right back to you. Self-love allows you to move towards loving more freely and unconditionally.  Self-love is an incredible strength that allows you to grow and not settle for things that don't align with your true self.  

When you love yourself you see the possibilities that life has to offer.  You believe in yourself and what you can accomplish; you know you can do it.  You begin to connect with others who give off positive energy and are in sync with you.  You also are able to give back and serve because you are aware that not everyone has filled up their inner love cup in the way that you have.  When you move in self-love you become a vessel for positive changes around you and in the world to occur.  

Love yourself, love unconditionally, and allow yourself to be loved in return.