The Universe Is In Sync With You


Have you ever had a moment that was almost too in sync with your thoughts, actions, or intentions? The universe definitely works in a way that attracts whatever or whoever is meant to cross your path when the time is right. Have you ever been thinking about something or someone and then you heard from them?  Ever craved something and then a friend brought it over?  Ever been thinking about a next step in life and somehow a sign appeared to you?  Once you start to notice these "coincidences" happening, you will eventually realize how often the universe is in sync with you. You will view it less of just a coincidence and more as God's universal miracles!

Today my family traveled to Clearwater Beach and met up with our really good family friends.  Clearwater beach is labeled as one of the best beaches in the nation, so of course it was super packed on a beautiful Saturday! My family and our friends split up after we left an acai bowl spot and headed over the bridge to the beach area. Parking was crazy, there were people everywhere, and tons of spots to look. Instead of looking together, we finally just decided everyone try to park and then we will find each other after. The universe of course worked it's magic.  2 out of the 3 of our vehicles somehow ended up parked in the same garage at almost the exact same time! So from there we were able to meet up with the other two in our family group. EASY PEAZY!

I've noticed these synchronocities occurring more often for me.  The other day I had the book "What On Earth Am I Here For?" pop up as I had been praying on understanding my purpose.  And the other week I got off of the train and received a message from my friend Ezra.  I hadn't seen him in months and was trying to think of a good time for us to catch up.  As I headed to a coffee shop in Williamsburg, he just so happened to be there also!  All of these synchronocities remind me that I am on the right path.  

The universe works in magical and mysterious ways.  The intentions you have consciously and unconsciously are being picked up on.  When you work on getting in touch with the deeper self and begin viewing the world as an extension of yourself, you will start to notice these synchronocities more and more. There are times where you may even want to ask the universe for some sort of guidance, and just put that energy out there. Go ahead! In time you will probably notice the universe replying to you- maybe through another person or even something random like a message on someone's truck that speaks to you. 

When you have these in sync moments, tune in to what the message is.  Allow yourself to trust your intuition in what is occurring to you.  The universe has your back and will give you what you need when you ask and even just by picking up on your intentions.  When these meaningful coincidences come your way, take it as a sign that you are on the right path!  What you project within can definitely be connected with outer events. The world is full of infinite possibilities, and if you pay close enough attention, you will continuously see the signs that support you on your journey.