Yay!! My first post has arrived!  I decided to have the focus for it be on purpose.  Recently, I have been spending some time reading, watching inspirational videos, and praying on purpose.  What is my purpose?  What should I be spending my time working on?  What am I here to learn from, grow from, and accomplish?  Every so often I get in a funk, and I feel like there is something more I could be doing. Some days I literally feel like I just want to solve all of the world's problems, and when I realize I can't I find myself in this funk. I just finished writing a book, but am currently in a waiting phase.  So now this funk has been happening more regularly. Recently I decided to put some time into learning about inequalities and how to conquer poverty.   

So yesterday I went to Barnes and Noble to get a book on rethinking inequality.  While I was asking a woman for guidance, I looked down at a rack of books that needed to be put back and you would not believe what book was staring straight at me! "WHAT ON EARTH AM I HERE FOR?" by Rick Warren.  So the ironic thing about this was that I had come across Rick Warren on a youtube video weeks before while looking up videos on living purposefully.  This book definitely was purposefully placed to cross my path.  God and the universe are always looking out!  If like me, you are wondering WHAT ON EARTH AM I HERE FOR?! I recommend looking into this book.We can start this journey together. :)

But what I have come to realize is that you and I have a purpose, and it is a DIVINE ONE INDEED!  You were created purposefully to fulfill what has been placed on your heart.  On those days where you question where you are at, the direction you are going, or how you are going to do it- remind yourself that you have a purpose.  You are exactly where you are meant to be, and sometimes we go through a period of waiting before we can move on to something new on our journey. Trust that whatever is meant for you, will come your way.  You are enough and are doing enough. Pray. Wait. And trust God's timing. People will always need you, appreciate you, and love you- even on the days when it's hard for you to recognize it. 

Our human experience is temporary, and I believe that while we are here our mission is to fulfill our purpose, learn, grow, be challenged, empathize, express gratitude, forgive, let go, and love.  We need each other, and you contribute to that.  I hope you never forget how much you are loved.  Despite whatever it is that you may face, you are a phenomenal soul who has endless potential to achieve the unthinkable. You have a unique purpose that sets you apart from anyone else, and no one can do what has been placed on your heart in the way that you can. Keep on going.