Shed that Weight

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A lot of times when we think about shedding weight we think in terms of pounds and body fat. However, that’s not the only weight that people carry. Far too many of us walk around with a weight that is unseen by others but constantly felt within.  You need to shed that weight that has been affecting your mind, soul, and state of peace. 

The first step in shedding the weight is recognizing that a weight indeed is affecting you. Identifying what is causing your inner energy levels to be off balance is an important step in being able to center yourself back to a peaceful level.  When you have identified what it is that has you feeling anxious, stressed, depressed, or whatever it may be, you can then move on to understanding it better. Take a moment to recognize how it is making you feel and why it is making you feel the way it does.  You can then take the necessary action to direct pleasure into your life and dissolve out the uneasiness.  

Maybe it’s as simple as taking a meditation or yoga class to get you back in alignment with your self. It could be changing your train of thought to empower the self instead of believing these imaginary thoughts you have chosen to believe.  Maybe you need to have a talk with someone to get that weight off of your chest. Confrontation most definitely doesn’t have to be a bad thing when it is done respectfully out of love.  Or you may need to seek some guidance from a coach or therapist. Take the necessary action to care for your inner being.

Out of love for yourself, work on releasing whatever is bringing you to an unpleasant place. Take care of your temple.  Shed that weight.