Quit Saying Yes, Start Saying No.

Why we should start ascribing more power to the two-letter word, no.

“Do you mind taking on this additional project? We need another person to manage the execution.” 

“Can you come out Friday? My cousins will be in town.” 

“Can you walk my dog for me this weekend? I’m planning on staying at my boyfriend’s place.”

 No, no, and sorry no. That two-letter word once floated into my mind as I would verbally spit out another word with a smile, Y-E-S. That little two-letter word has so much power but is easily replaced with another word, one that has three letters-go figure! Is it the greater character count that sways us into giving yes more power? Could it be the fear of being viewed as rude if one were to say no?  Would saying no somehow lessen my credibility as a decent human being?  Would saying no make me look like an outspoken outcast?

Saying no to your boss, co-workers, family, and friends is often a quite challenging thing to do. However, when you take on responsibilities that you know are too much to add onto your current load, you set yourself up for feeling consumed. Time is the one thing you will never get back, which is why being conscious of how you choose to spend your time is crucial. Saying no puts you in the driver’s seat for how you want to manage your time and for what you allow into your life.  It also allows you to give greater attention and energy to what you have already chosen to focus on. Time is one thing that you will never get back, so choosing when to say no for yourself is a key element in life.  

From the relationships we have to our values and beliefs, the word no is a word tailored uniquely to each individual.  It’s a word that can give others insight into what you stand for as a person, your likes and dislikes, and even your commitment to follow through with what you say you can or cannot do. The word no shouldn’t be associated with fear or uneasiness.  It sets a bar that aligns with your true identity, and for that you shouldn’t be punished.  For example, saying no to a night out definitely aligns with me, but for a good while I pondered saying no out of fear for how others may view my decline in nightlife attendance.  I used to feel bad about it, but now I don’t. I’ve started saying no to nights out that I know only lead to unfulfillment, a lower bank account balance, and me wasting half of my following day by being a couch potato.  When I started saying no I made time for me to do things like reading, writing, re-charging, and nourishing the activities and relationships that bring me joy and a sense of purpose.  Keeping your well-being in mind is important, and if you have to say no to a task, date, project, or whatever it may be that is absolutely okay. 

 Beyond saying no for yourself, saying no is needed to create change on a greater scale. In a world of chaos filled with people of all different races, religions, and belief systems, the word no is one filled with great power.  As a nation, we need to understand and believe that this little two-letter word is beyond just that. It has the power to create transformation. We need to say NO when someone in power abuses his or her role.  We need to say NO when senseless acts of murder are happening in our school systems. We need to say NO when someone else thinks they have the power over our bodies. We need to say NO when families are being torn apart and children are dying. We need to say NO when people are harmed because of their sexuality. We need to say NO when someone inflicts pain on a community because their belief system differs than theirs.  We need to say NO to the injustices that happen to innocent people who are stripped of the rights that every human being should have. 

Nois far more than just a two-letter word. 





From Dis-ease to Disease

For as long as I have heard, written, and said the word disease, I am so surprised it has taken me as long as it has to make one big connection. That would be the connection between dis-ease bringing about disease.  Have you ever come across someone who seemed to be in great shape physically, but mentally they were overworked, exhausted, fearful, and possibly ill? There is a strong connection between internal stress and uneasiness leading to actual disease.

 Everything within the body- from your toes up to the top of your head- is interconnected. When any part of the body is feeling tension or uneasiness from things causing distress such as feeling broken-hearted, trauma, worrying about a project’s due date, swerving out of traffic, or any other event that has occurred or is occurring, the body begins to send signals up to the brain, which then signals your adrenal glands to make and start releasing cortisol, the stress hormone. When fear or stress creep in, cortisol is released as a part of the fight or flight mechanism. However unlike eustress (good stress) or stress that comes and goes (like after you give that presentation you were stressing), the cortisol released when you are distressed doesn’t ever reach a level of completion.  There is no outlet for this cortisol, unless you balance yourself out again and find a way to lower your cortisol level.

We all experience an excess amount of cortisol from time to time. Fear and stress are bound to happen, and that is what signals the cortisol to be released. However, when it’s consistent over a longer period of time that is when issues may arise. Cortisol does have some benefits such as regulating metabolism, assisting in inflammation reduction, controlling blood sugar, and even aids in memory formation. But when the body is constantly in a high-stress zone over a longer period of time, that excess amount of cortisol within the body can bring about numerous unwanted symptoms. A few examples include acne, high blood pressure, depression, extreme fatigue, and the list goes on.  When your body feels dis-ease in any way, you create unhealthy dysfunction within that you may not even realize. Dis-ease has the ability to bring about disease. 

 Understanding how important it is to care for your overall health and well-being is crucial.  Below are some ways to help keep your mind, body, and overall self in a healthier place. 


Find ways to keep your mind at ease.

-       Practice mindfulness and meditation.

-       Listen to music that calms you.

-       Visit an art gallery. 

Engage in physical activities that re-create that fight-or-flight experience while allowing cortisol to be released.

-Incorporate exercises into your daily routine: running, biking, and kick-boxing.

Get in a good laugh.

-       Do things and surround yourself with people that make your soul feel good.

-       Laugh and joke, your sense of humor will help lower your cortisol levels.


De-stress, release, and prevent any dis-ease from coming your way.  You deserve to live a happy, worry-free life!

Photo by  Jared Rice  on  Unsplash

Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash

5 Key Characteristics That All Great Leaders Possess

A leader can be defined as a person or thing that leads.  Therefore, anything or anyone can call him or herself a leader or be viewed as one.  Anyone can say they have thousands or millions of followers backing them up. However, great leadership must be separated from popularity.  Great leadership is not determined solely by how large your following count may or may not be.  There are numerous leaders throughout history that may have had a mass following all the while they lacked the key components that make one great: growth mindset, empathy, effective communication, the ability to take 100% accountability for words and actions, and a strong sense of purpose. In the workplace, schools, homes, and greater global platforms history has supported these five key characteristics to play a major role in contributing to great leadership. These characteristics stem from having a strong sense of self, growth, and service. 

 1)  Growth Mindset

To effectively lead you must be aware that change is one thing that is constant.  Great leaders understand that having a growth mindset is necessary to support yourself and your team in the efforts to develop, overcome, and achieve. A primary goal in life is to evolve, and with evolving comes changes in direction, criticism, obstacles, and the ability to handle it all in a way that aligns with your values. Being able to move from a fixed to a growth mindset leads to increased motivation, finding solutions, and viewing challenges as an opportunity for progression. Companies that lead with growth create a culture that has endless potential. 

 2)  Empathy

When one does not understand the feelings, thoughts, and experiences of another, that leads to a major disconnect within the leader and the rest of the team. Although some may believe detachment is necessary, truly great leaders understand the value of balancing empathy and logic.  If you fail to acknowledge the painful truths that people on your team experience, you most likely wouldn’t act upon creating changes that support them and the overall environment.  A great leader recognizes that just because they may not have experienced what another has, they cannot discredit the truths of their fellow teammates. All truths are valid. Being able to listen, understand, and work with colleagues for the betterment of not only them but also a company at large is crucial.  Understanding the frustrations and concerns of those on your team allows for a chance to build a healthy environment shaped with strong connections, respect, and engagement.

 3) Effective Communication

Having the ability to communicate effectively is a highly important strength of a great leader.  Being able to communicate in a way that gets your message and point across clearly allows for enhanced relationships and understanding. There are several components an effective communicator has mastered: body language, eye contact, tone, and feedback.  To communicate effectively you must understand that communication is more than just words.  It’s an art that ties in nonverbal cues all the while balancing components like open-mindedness, feedback, and clarity. A disconnect in communication leads to detachments in relationships, efforts, productivity, and overall team performance. Effective communication should allow for both parties to interact in a way where they both feel heard, understood, and respected. 

 4) Take 100% Accountability 

You are responsible for the thoughts you think and actions you take.  Great leaders take 100% accountability for themselves and their people. You will never see finger pointing or the blame game occurring among great leaders because they take full accountability for both their rights and wrongs.  Great leaders own up to their performance and even welcome feedback. Because they have a growth mindset, they accept where they are but always leave room for growth, learning, and improvement.  When something goes wrong, they take accountability and handle the constructive criticism they may receive.  Excuses, manipulation, the need to be right, and complaining will be attributes that separate any old leader from a truly great leader. A great leader does not let the negative opinions or feedback from others diminish their own voice. They accept, respond appropriately, take the lesson, and move forward.  

5) Purpose

 Great leaders stand for something.  They are on a mission that is filled with purpose.  Great leaders have connected to that inner power of alignment between the mind, heart, and working for the betterment of others.  They are some of the greatest contributors that bring meaning to life through striving to do something beyond the self. Because of their strong sense of purpose, great leaders break barriers and go beyond the limitations that once may have been set.  Purpose tends to fuel passion and ambition. Great leaders have this contagious energy and drive that proves that you too can accomplish the unthinkable. Their energy and passion for the work they do and the way they live empowers others.  Great leaders are change agents that better the world through their sense of purpose and giving their attention and energy to things that align with their values and beliefs.  

A great leader’s courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion, not position. – John Maxwell



Comparison: Don’t Let It Lead You Down a Road to Destruction in a Media Obsessed Era

Image courtesy of ThriveGlobal.com

Image courtesy of ThriveGlobal.com

You post a photo on Instagram, 15 minutes have gone by and you have only received five likes. You begin having a mental debate on whether you should keep the post up or delete it right now! “Do I not look as good as I thought? Is my caption not captivating enough? I knew I should have used that Lark filter and not Gingham. Ahh or maybe the likes aren’t coming in because it’s 2:30 on a Tuesday and everyone is at work. That must be it.”

How ridiculous is it to obsess over a photo you have shared with the world? Yet most of us have sadly been guilty offenders of having done this. What’s just as mind-boggling is that we live in a time where we have somehow convinced ourselves that our worth and character can be determined based on how others view, follow, and like us on social media outlets. These attempts to appear unflawed at all times create not only anxiety and pressure within us but also project this false reality of what life is all about. Social media portrays only a surface level view into the “good lives” people are living. It only allows for an outside glimpse of others without knowing the inner battles that they also face.

I’ll admit, I’ve had moments where it’s been challenging to see someone flaunt their model figure while chillin’ on a nice yacht in Santorini and not have it lead me to feel a type of way. As a Millennial, I have experienced numerous times where social media has influenced me to go down a road of comparison, led me to serve my ego, and steered me down a dark tunnel. Social media, comparison, and the affects of it all in relation to our well-being are common topics that get brought up between my friends and I. I’ve had numerous friends take social media breaks, some have all together deleted certain apps and their accounts, and some of us still get stuck in the dark comparison trap.

According to Psychologist Leon Festinger and the social comparison theory, humans come to know themselves by social comparison. Comparison has almost always been subconsciously influencing us as we go about living our lives. We use upward and downward comparison as a means to calculate where we stand in our skillset and capabilities. If a co-worker has a greater skillset in leadership it may motivate you to work on your own skills. If you have a friend who is struggling in some area in life, you may be able to recognize your position and help provide healthy guidance. Although comparisons have quite possibly been a constant in our lives, they shouldn’t lead to feelings of unworthiness or inadequacy. It’s time we start to question how our comparisons are affecting our health and well-being.

Studies have shown an increase in depression, anxiety, negative body image, as well as suicide rates among teenagers and young adults that could quite possibly be linked to social media usage. These statistics are disheartening, yet not surprising. In today’s world we are all easy targets. We hop on our phones and instantly have pain, fear, insecurity, and burdens directed at us from every which way. You open up Instagram and see images of beautiful, extremely filtered, and photoshopped people that contribute to this unattainable beauty standard. You sign into Facebook and each time you never fail to miss a new engagement, wedding, or pregnancy announcement. You begin to use the social comparison theory to measure where you are and may feel like you aren’t up to par. But while doing this you are failing to recognize that you are on a completely different journey than anyone else, and you are exactly where you are meant to be at this point in time.  

 Shifting our perspectives on comparison and the types of ways we allow comparison into our lives is crucial. You have to remember that you are in the driver’s seat for controlling comparison in your life and for how you allow yourself to react to it. The problem doesn’t necessarily just stem from the way these outlets are set up, but rather from how we choose to view and respond to them. If you are negatively affected by social media look at it as a wake-up call to work on yourself, a call for introspection. Social media is here to stay, so just as everything in the world is evolving- you must do the same.

You have to become a master of your mind and love yourself enough to recognize your potential and all of the blessings you have attracted into your life.  It’s easy to fall into the social media comparison trap in an era that is media consumed, but you can choose what you look at, who you follow, what you like, and even what you choose to hide. You have to get to a place within yourself where you no longer are negatively affected by what you see, and you also must recognize the areas you may need to monitor yourself in. What are you allowing yourself to see? Why do you keep scrolling through these images of women with these unrealistic beauty standards knowing it leads to emotional pain? Why are you allowing others’ successful moments in life make you question your worth? Get to a healthy place where you can clap for the successes of others knowing it is not taking away from your value. Love yourself, appreciate all that you have as well as do not have, and allow negative comparisons to filter out from how you normally function.

Life is a temporary journey.  You deserve to live life as your authentic self without allowing these insecurities and comparisons to steal the joy that the present moment has to offer. You have a lane in life that is meant solely for you. It can never be taken from you or impersonated by another. When the thief of comparison comes knocking at your soul trying to bring harm your way, don’t allow it to enter, and most definitely don’t allow it stay. Kindly allow it to exit while you remind yourself just how bada** you already are!

— Published on November 6, 2018


Shed that Weight

Image courtesy of unsplash.com

Image courtesy of unsplash.com


A lot of times when we think about shedding weight we think in terms of pounds and body fat. However, that’s not the only weight that people carry. Far too many of us walk around with a weight that is unseen by others but constantly felt within.  You need to shed that weight that has been affecting your mind, soul, and state of peace. 

The first step in shedding the weight is recognizing that a weight indeed is affecting you. Identifying what is causing your inner energy levels to be off balance is an important step in being able to center yourself back to a peaceful level.  When you have identified what it is that has you feeling anxious, stressed, depressed, or whatever it may be, you can then move on to understanding it better. Take a moment to recognize how it is making you feel and why it is making you feel the way it does.  You can then take the necessary action to direct pleasure into your life and dissolve out the uneasiness.  

Maybe it’s as simple as taking a meditation or yoga class to get you back in alignment with your self. It could be changing your train of thought to empower the self instead of believing these imaginary thoughts you have chosen to believe.  Maybe you need to have a talk with someone to get that weight off of your chest. Confrontation most definitely doesn’t have to be a bad thing when it is done respectfully out of love.  Or you may need to seek some guidance from a coach or therapist. Take the necessary action to care for your inner being.

Out of love for yourself, work on releasing whatever is bringing you to an unpleasant place. Take care of your temple.  Shed that weight. 

Everything in Life is For Your Greatest Good

Image courtesy of unsplash.com

Image courtesy of unsplash.com

Everything that is happening to you is happening for you. 

Life is a journey filled with ups and downs. I used to envision the perfect life for me to be one where everything I desired would come easily. I envisioned a straight line leading me to be exactly where I wanted to be. However, my journey always seemed to be one where that line zigzagged and took some dips up and down. What I have come to realize is that those dips up, down, two steps back, and even sideways serve a purpose. They teach us the importance of perseverance, overcoming fear, and give us the opportunity to evolve. 

In those moments where you question yourself because your path has taken a difficult turn —whether it is a loss, rejection, or another obstacle —don’t lose that faith that better things are ahead. Without those tough experiences we wouldn’t appreciate the good that life has to offer. Times of struggle can be our greatest teachers, and they are reminders to be thankful for the times where we are content and fulfilled. The gloomy phases make us appreciate the moments we have that are filled with happiness and laughter. Without one aspect we wouldn’t understand the other. The tough times pave the way for greater blessings and align us to what is ultimately meant for us.

When you approach difficulties, remind yourself that they are temporary. Ask yourself:

“What can I take away from rejection or failure?” 

“What can I do differently when I go at it again?”  

“How did that person influence my life?”

 Now when you make it out of that dip in the road and over that hill, ask yourself:  

“How do I feel reaching my goal?”

“How do I feel to be living out my dream?”  

“What can I take away from my treasured relationships?”

 “Would I feel this way and be who I am now had my path been a straight line?”

Everything in life is for your greatest good.




What You Focus On Will Manifest

What you believe in and give your attention and energy to will indeed flourish.  You are a reflection of the energy, relationships, and opportunities that come your way. You are the co-creator of your reality.  I say co-creator with the belief that you are aligned with a higher power.  

It’s crucial to watch your thoughts.  As wonderful as manifestation can work to turn a dream into your reality, it can also work in turning a worry into a mental catastrophe.  A lot of people give their attention to the wrong things. Some may even focus on things that do not even exist, just things that the mind has led you to believe. ( I’ll admit- I’m guilty of having done this! ) People can feel all sorts of negative emotions when the power of manifestation is used incorrectly.  

Now, when it comes to manifesting the good in your life, I do believe there are a few things that come into play.  

1st         I believe that your intentions for whatever you desire must be genuine. 

2nd       I believe that being a decent human being also has an affect on this.  

3rd        I believe that as you are taking the steps to manifest your big dreams, you will be given signs that you are on the right path.  

4th        God always aligns what is meant for you to cross your path.

I heard about the law of attraction for the first time in my college psychology class.  My professor was honestly one of the best ones I’ve ever had, and she had us watch The Secret.  I can remember being in awe hearing Jim Carrey, Oprah Winfrey, and several others share their stories.  The Secret opened up my perspective to living and to the endless opportunities and abundance the world has to offer.  However, at that time I think I only surface level understood the power of the law of attraction.  

Today I see God working manifestation in my life more than ever.  I believe for me it’s because I have gone through a big period of growth- growth in faith, overcoming trials, and growth within myself. I am continuously trying to improve mentally, physically, and emotionally. I pray and work on aligning with my purpose and gifts in order to be able to better serve.  Right now, I am really at a state of gratefulness.  

Each day is really something special filled with numerous miracles- waking up being one of them. I am beginning to see the bigger picture in life and not just focus on what I see with my two eyes.  I live with a tremendous amount of love within, and I can always feel it reflected back.  I’m working on a few projects that are quite new zones for me to be in.  However, I know they align with what I am meant to be doing.  I’ve had to set goals, take risks, and figure out a lot of new things.  Because I believe in my heart that what I am manifesting is meant for me, it has come. However, I don’t give myself the full credit for where I am at today.  I am only a co-creator of the life I live.

I encourage you to manifest your dreams and what aligns with your heart’s desires. Each day holds endless possibility and potential. 



10 Ways to Practice Self-Love

There are numerous ways you can practice self-love throughout the day.  Practicing self-love doesn't have to be extravagant spa sessions, taking a vacation, or doing anything too costly.  Here are 10 ways that I have found to be quite helpful in practicing self-love.

  1. SPEAK KINDLY TO YOURSELF- Don't be so hard on yourself.  You need that little voice in your head to start lifting you up and supporting you on your journey.  Your mind is a tool for you to use beneficially, not to harm you. If someone could hear that little voice in your head would they think you were speaking to your best friend or an enemy?  Encourage and love yourself!!
  2. FEED YOUR BODY FOODS THAT LEAVE YOU FEELING GOOD-  Your body is responsible for taking you where you need to go on your journey. Eat in a way that supports keeping it healthy.  But also treat yourself here and there.  Food is a huge part of the life experience!  Oh and drink lots of H20!
  3. EXERCISE- As torturous as working out may be to some of you, the benefits outweigh the struggle that comes with it.  It's important to get your heart rate up and keep your internal organs functioning as they should.  Choose an exercise style that you enjoy, switch it up in order to keep up!
  4. MEDITATE-  Setting aside a little time in the day to focus on your intentions, what you want to let go of, what you want to manifest, and aligning with your true self is very beneficial.  Attend a class or try out a free app. to get that peacefulness.
  5. EXPAND YOUR MIND- It's important to keep growing and learning.  Read a new book, check out a new museum, connect with new people, or serve with an organization.  Allow your mind, perspective, and heart to keep growing as you grow in self-love. 
  6. GO TO YOUR HAPPY PLACE-  Spend an afternoon or weekend at the beach, in the country, going for a hike, or relaxing in a park.  Make time for the space you need, whether it be alone or with loved ones.  
  7. START WRITING IN A GRATITUDE JOURNAL-  Get a journal and dedicate it to being your gratitude journal.  Write down a few things that you are grateful for at the end of each day.  You will be reminded of all the blessings that each day still has to offer despite the difficulties that may have occurred.  
  8. DECLUTTER-  Declutter physical things as well as mental things.  Take some time to clean out your closet of items that you no longer wear and need.  Organize your desk so your mind can be organized once you do some work. Declutter whatever it is that isn't adding value to your life.
  9. LET GO  OF WHAT YOU CANNOT CONTROL- Don't spend too much time worrying about things, events, and people that you cannot control.  Practice letting go and releasing worry.
  10. REMIND YOURSELF THAT YOU ARE WORTHY- You are always worthy! Tell yourself this throughout the day, but most importantly believe yourself when you say it!
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Power of Self-Love

Self-love.  This is one of those topics I wish I had understood and had for myself sooner.

 So many of us look to outer circumstances to fill us up and determine if we have love in our lives. We allow others to validate our worth, chase things and people, allow toxicity to stay into our lives for far too long, and fail to realize that all along we have been worthy.  What we don't recognize is that love resides within us.  It is our heart's natural calling, and in order to recognize and pour out love in the most abundant way, it all starts with you loving yourself.  

We aren't exactly taught about the power of loving ourselves and how crucial it is to living a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life.  You see, when you lack self-love you give people and things the power to determine your worth and in turn your feelings.  As easy as it is for someone to claim to love you and leave you feeling worthy, at the snap of their fingers they could do something that makes you feel unloved and unworthy.  You would spend your precious time searching for validation from someone or something to give you love, when all along you have been worthy.  Someone's inability to love you most definitely does not mean you are not loved or lovable.  You are so worthy of love, healthy relationships, accomplishing your goals, growing, and becoming your best self.  And you must recognize this, because when you don't you settle for things that do not align with taking you higher in life.  

You need to love yourself.  Look at you and how far you have come! There is so much power that comes from loving yourself.  When you have self-love you glow.  What you feel inside reflects out into the world. You will begin to attract higher vibe energies and opportunities towards you.  When you love yourself you can pour out your good vibes without expecting anything in return, but trust that you will have that love reflected right back to you. Self-love allows you to move towards loving more freely and unconditionally.  Self-love is an incredible strength that allows you to grow and not settle for things that don't align with your true self.  

When you love yourself you see the possibilities that life has to offer.  You believe in yourself and what you can accomplish; you know you can do it.  You begin to connect with others who give off positive energy and are in sync with you.  You also are able to give back and serve because you are aware that not everyone has filled up their inner love cup in the way that you have.  When you move in self-love you become a vessel for positive changes around you and in the world to occur.  

Love yourself, love unconditionally, and allow yourself to be loved in return.





The Universe Is In Sync With You


Have you ever had a moment that was almost too in sync with your thoughts, actions, or intentions? The universe definitely works in a way that attracts whatever or whoever is meant to cross your path when the time is right. Have you ever been thinking about something or someone and then you heard from them?  Ever craved something and then a friend brought it over?  Ever been thinking about a next step in life and somehow a sign appeared to you?  Once you start to notice these "coincidences" happening, you will eventually realize how often the universe is in sync with you. You will view it less of just a coincidence and more as God's universal miracles!

Today my family traveled to Clearwater Beach and met up with our really good family friends.  Clearwater beach is labeled as one of the best beaches in the nation, so of course it was super packed on a beautiful Saturday! My family and our friends split up after we left an acai bowl spot and headed over the bridge to the beach area. Parking was crazy, there were people everywhere, and tons of spots to look. Instead of looking together, we finally just decided everyone try to park and then we will find each other after. The universe of course worked it's magic.  2 out of the 3 of our vehicles somehow ended up parked in the same garage at almost the exact same time! So from there we were able to meet up with the other two in our family group. EASY PEAZY!

I've noticed these synchronocities occurring more often for me.  The other day I had the book "What On Earth Am I Here For?" pop up as I had been praying on understanding my purpose.  And the other week I got off of the train and received a message from my friend Ezra.  I hadn't seen him in months and was trying to think of a good time for us to catch up.  As I headed to a coffee shop in Williamsburg, he just so happened to be there also!  All of these synchronocities remind me that I am on the right path.  

The universe works in magical and mysterious ways.  The intentions you have consciously and unconsciously are being picked up on.  When you work on getting in touch with the deeper self and begin viewing the world as an extension of yourself, you will start to notice these synchronocities more and more. There are times where you may even want to ask the universe for some sort of guidance, and just put that energy out there. Go ahead! In time you will probably notice the universe replying to you- maybe through another person or even something random like a message on someone's truck that speaks to you. 

When you have these in sync moments, tune in to what the message is.  Allow yourself to trust your intuition in what is occurring to you.  The universe has your back and will give you what you need when you ask and even just by picking up on your intentions.  When these meaningful coincidences come your way, take it as a sign that you are on the right path!  What you project within can definitely be connected with outer events. The world is full of infinite possibilities, and if you pay close enough attention, you will continuously see the signs that support you on your journey. 




Yay!! My first post has arrived!  I decided to have the focus for it be on purpose.  Recently, I have been spending some time reading, watching inspirational videos, and praying on purpose.  What is my purpose?  What should I be spending my time working on?  What am I here to learn from, grow from, and accomplish?  Every so often I get in a funk, and I feel like there is something more I could be doing. Some days I literally feel like I just want to solve all of the world's problems, and when I realize I can't I find myself in this funk. I just finished writing a book, but am currently in a waiting phase.  So now this funk has been happening more regularly. Recently I decided to put some time into learning about inequalities and how to conquer poverty.   

So yesterday I went to Barnes and Noble to get a book on rethinking inequality.  While I was asking a woman for guidance, I looked down at a rack of books that needed to be put back and you would not believe what book was staring straight at me! "WHAT ON EARTH AM I HERE FOR?" by Rick Warren.  So the ironic thing about this was that I had come across Rick Warren on a youtube video weeks before while looking up videos on living purposefully.  This book definitely was purposefully placed to cross my path.  God and the universe are always looking out!  If like me, you are wondering WHAT ON EARTH AM I HERE FOR?! I recommend looking into this book.We can start this journey together. :)

But what I have come to realize is that you and I have a purpose, and it is a DIVINE ONE INDEED!  You were created purposefully to fulfill what has been placed on your heart.  On those days where you question where you are at, the direction you are going, or how you are going to do it- remind yourself that you have a purpose.  You are exactly where you are meant to be, and sometimes we go through a period of waiting before we can move on to something new on our journey. Trust that whatever is meant for you, will come your way.  You are enough and are doing enough. Pray. Wait. And trust God's timing. People will always need you, appreciate you, and love you- even on the days when it's hard for you to recognize it. 

Our human experience is temporary, and I believe that while we are here our mission is to fulfill our purpose, learn, grow, be challenged, empathize, express gratitude, forgive, let go, and love.  We need each other, and you contribute to that.  I hope you never forget how much you are loved.  Despite whatever it is that you may face, you are a phenomenal soul who has endless potential to achieve the unthinkable. You have a unique purpose that sets you apart from anyone else, and no one can do what has been placed on your heart in the way that you can. Keep on going.